Shamir Online Overview

Introduction to online ordering

Shamir Online is a system for placing lens orders over the Internet. It supports prescription orders, remote edging and bulk ordering of stock and semi-finished lenses. The software we use does not lock you in: the main software components can also be used to order from most of the major lens suppliers as well as a large number of surfacing laboratories including Lenstec, Tant, Waterside, Horizon, Wolds, Vanalstynes and Eye Index.

Remote Edging

Shamir Online supports remote edging, a technology that allows frames to be traced in practice so that there is no need to send the frame in to be glazed.

Frame shape data is uploaded using the VCA Tracer program. The order details are entered into the Shamir Online website or, if you prefer, the Hawkstone website.

Bulk Wholesale Ordering

Shamir Online supports bulk ordering of stock and semi-finished lenses using the Orinoco program.

Integrated Ordering With Practice Management Systems

At present most PMS software offers only limited support for online ordering: you will need to contact your supplier to determine the level of support provided by your PMS.

However, there are systems that provide full support for online ordering; a good example is the web-based See 2020 PMS.

Integrated Ordering With Laboratory Systems

Shamir Online supports ordering directly out of the many laboratory systems, including Labman and Annapurna.

Shamir Online Overview

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