Shamir Online Requirements

What you need in order to start online ordering

Getting started with Shamir Online is easy. If you are an existing customer, all you need to do is request a username and password. If you intend to place remote-edged or precal orders (which you probably do) you will need a tracer, and you will want to download the tracer application.


Whether you are an independent practitioner or a surfacing laboratory, there are two essential requirements before you can place online orders:

  • You must have a credit account with Shamir UK Ltd. If you don’t have one and would like to open an account, please download and complete a credit application form.
  • You need to register for Shamir Online. We will set up your online details and e-mail you your username and password.

Remote Edge Ordering

If you want to place remote-edged orders, you will need:

  • An OMA compliant tracer. Shamir Online works with most tracers, including Nidek, Briot, Weco and Essilor.
  • The VCA Tracer application allows you to obtain frame shape data from your tracer and upload it to Shamir Online so that it can subseqently be attached to your orders.

Remote Edge Ordering for Labman Users

If you are a glazing or surfacing lab, you can send prescription orders (including remote-edge orders) directly out of your Labman or Annapurna system. To do this you will need:

  • The Raptor application from Hawkstone Design. To obtain this application and for details of how to install and configure it, please contact Hawkstone Design.

Stock and Semi-Finished Lenses

If you want to place bulk orders for stock or semi-finished lenses, you will need:

  • The Orinico application allows you to create bulk orders for stock and semi-finished lenses. Orinoco supports order entry either line-by-line or by entering quantities into a grid of available powers. The order is created offline on your PC; when the order is ready, you can send it direct from your PC to Shamir Online with a single mouse-click.
Shamir Online Requirements

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