VCA Tracer

Software to upload shape data from a tracer to Shamir Online

The VCA Tracer application takes frame shape data from any OMA compliant tracer and uploads it to Shamir Online so that it can be used to create a remote-edge or precal order.

Download VCA Tracer

Version 1.59 — November 2012 — Windows Installer — 1.8Mb

After VCA Tracer has been installed you will need to enter your user details and configure the program to work with your tracer. If you have not used VCA Tracer before, we strongly recommend that you use the User Manual to guide you through the configuration process.

VCA Tracer Manual

Version 1.00 — November 2010 — 734Kb

VCA Tracer needs to be installed on the computer that is connected to your tracer, and this computer needs to be connected to the Internet. Programs that communicate with a tracer need exclusive access to it, so you must close any running tracer programs before starting VCA Tracer—and, for the same reason, you must close VCA Tracer before starting another tracer program.

VCA Tracer Installation Requirements

Before installing and configuring VCA Tracer there are a few pieces of information that you need to have to hand:-

  • Make sure you know your Shamir Online username and password as you will need to enter them into VCA Tracer. If you don’t have a username and password you can obtain them by filling in the Shamir Online Registration Form.
  • Make sure you know which of your computer’s serial ports the tracer is connected to. It will very often be COM1 but this isn’t guaranteed, especially if you are using a USB-to-serial converter.
  • Make sure you know the baud rate your tracer uses. It is very, very likely to be 9600 but, depending on the model, it could be 19200 or 38400.

If you already have another tracer program installed, you can find the correct serial port and baud rate by checking the setttings for that program.

VCA Tracer

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