Orinoco Wholesale Ordering

Bulk stock and semi-finished ordering software

Orinoco is a program written by Hawk Stone Design that allows you to create and place orders for stock and semi-finished lenses using a Windows-based PC. It allows you to view our complete range of stock and semi-finished products in all available powers. Small orders can be entered using a line entry method; for larger orders there is also a grid entry method.

Download Orinoco

Version 1.40 — Windows Installer — 2.9Mb

Orinoco uses a standard Windows installer: double-click the installer and follow the on-screen instructions. Once Orinoco has been installed you will need to configure it to allow you to place orders. We strongly recommend that you download the manual using the link below.

Orinoco User Manual

PDF File — 776Kb

Starting with version 1.40, Orinoco is able to update itself automatically. It checks for updates periodically and, if an update is found, it will offer you the opportunity to download and install it.

Orinoco Wholesale Ordering

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