Non-Tolerance Claim Form

Shamir Satisfaction Programme claim form and conditions

The Shamir Satisfaction Programme allows lenses to be returned to us for credit in the event that a patient is found to be non-tolerant of any of our progressive or occupational lenses.

Non-Tolerance Claim Form

PDF File — 3.0Mb

Please download and print the non-tolerance claim form by clicking on the button above; complete the form and return it along with the lenses.

The conditions under which we accept lenses returned for patient non-tolerance are shown below.

  • The Shamir Satisfaction Programme is available to practices registered with the General Optical Council.
  • The terms of the Shamir Satisfaction Programme apply only to cases where the Shamir lenses match the prescription and have been correctly glazed within the recommended fitting parameters.
  • Only one Shamir Satisfaction Claim form will be accepted per patient.
  • The Shamir Satisfaction Programme covers all glass or plastic ‘cut’ Shamir progressive and degressive lenses.
  • Shamir will regularly review claims under its Shamir Satisfaction Programme and reserves the right to remove the facility from an individual or practice without notice or explanation.
  • Claims must be made within 90 days of the original order.
  • Credit vouchers will only be issued on receipt of the lenses when accompanied by a fully completed Shamir Satisfaction claim form.
  • Claims made under the Shamir Satisfaction programme will only be considered for practices operating within the agreed trading terms.
  • The Shamir Satisfaction Programme is in addition to your statutory rights.
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