Nidek Tracer Calibration

Daily calibration routine for Nidek LT900 and LT910 tracers

The tracer has an auto-calibration program that will automatically reset the size and axis to that of the standard reference frame. To calibrate the tracer:-

  1. Place the standard 45mm calibration jig into the tracer. Make sure that the engraved measurement (162.83) is facing up.
  2. Press and hold the L button.
  3. Press and then release the R button.
  4. Release the L button. The light on the middle button will start blinking.
  5. Press the middle button. The tracer will start performing the auto-calibration program. The stylus may trace and retrace each side of the standard frame several times during the calibration process.
  6. When calibration has been completed successfully, the stylus will return to its idle position, the frame clamps will open and a single beep will sound.

If you hear a triple beep, the calibration has failed and you should repeat steps 2-5 above. If calibration still fails after a third attempt, try preforming a torque calibration.

If the tracer calibration fails after performing a torque calibration, contact your tracer supplier for support.

Nidek Tracer Calibration

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