Nidek Supra Shape Tracing

How to trace a nylon supra frame with Nidek LT900 and LT910 tracers

Tracing the dummy lens from a supra requires some care to avoid the lenses being off-axis when mounted. It is also somewhat counter-intuitive in that the LEFT dummy lens is used in order to obtain a RIGHT eye trace.

  1. While the dummy lenses are still in the frame, carefully mark the HCL on the LEFT dummy lens. Take special care that the line is horizontal with respect to the frame.
  2. Remove the left dummy lens from the frame.
  3. Apply a double-sided adhesive pad to the Nidek lens cup.
  4. Block the CONVEX side of the dummy lens. Take care to ensure that the lens is centred and aligned accurately.
  5. Fit the lens cup into the Nidek pattern-setting unit.
  6. Attach the pattern-setting unit to the tracer, fitting the two pins into the holes on the tracer.
  7. Press the R button to trace the dummy lens.

Please take special care with step 7—as noted in the opening paragraph, tracing a supra frame involves using the LEFT lens in order to obtain a RIGHT eye trace.

Nidek Supra Shape Tracing

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