Nidek Tracer Torque Calibration

Complete re-calibration for Nidek LT900 and LT910 tracers

You do not need to perform a torque calibration on a regular basis. It should be carried out if the standard calibration routine fails, or of the stylus has developed a tendency to fall out of the frame groove.

  1. Turn the tracer off.
  2. Press and hold both the R and L buttons. Do not release them.
  3. Turn the tracer on.
  4. Release the R and L buttons simultaneously. The light next to the middle button will start to flash (if the light does not flash, start again from the beginning).
  5. Hold the tracer’s upper and lower sliders in their open position and keep them open throughout the entire calibration process.
  6. Press the middle button. The tracer will start performing the torque calibration and you should see the stylus making rapid stepping movements.
  7. When the torque calibration is complete, a beep will sound and the frame clamps will open. You can now release the upper and lower sliders.
  8. Repeat the whole process to ensure all tolerances are brought back to factory specifications.

Torque calibration affects the tracer’s calibration. When it has finished you will need to run the standard calibration to make sure the tracer is calibrated correctly.

Nidek Tracer Torque Calibration

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