Proline Ski and EasyJet

Proline Ski advertised in EasyJet's in-flight magazine

Monday, 29 October 2012 16:16

EasyJet fly more wintersports enthusiasts to European ski resorts than any other airline. As the skiing season gets underway, we will be advertising our Proline Ski prescription lenses in EasyJet’s in-flight magazine, which is read by around 6,000,000 people.

We're sure that a lot of those readers won't know the options available to spectacle wearers today. Our advertisement will show them that recent developments now allow us to make prescription sports lenses that fit into fashionable wrap frames, use impact-resistant materials, and come in specialised colours with optional mirror coatings. It will focus on our Proline Ski lens, explaining how it incorporates all those features and also has optics that have been optimised for winter sports.

Proline Ski and EasyJet

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