VCA Tracer 1.59

VCA Tracer version 1.59 is available for download

Monday, 05 November 2012 12:26

The latest version of VCA Tracer is now available for download on the Downloads page in the Technical Support section.

New Features

Support for tracers with high-speed serial interfaces. Transfer rates of up to 115,200 baud are now supported. This allows tracers such as Shamir Star and Essilor Tess to transfer shape data at their maximum speed.

Automatic frame shape display. As soon as the shape data is received from the tracer, the shape is displayed larger than actual size so that it can be easily checked for accuracy. This feature can be disabled if it is not required.

URL-encoding of Frame Shape References. This allows shape references to include punctuation marks and non-Latin characters.

Upgrading VCA Tracer

Download the VCA Tracer installer from the Downloads page and run it. Your existing VCA Tracer installation will be upgraded to the latest version.

VCA Tracer 1.59

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