Upgrade for Acer Tablet

Shamir Tablet software update is now available

Friday, 09 November 2012 15:40

An update is available for the Shamir tablet. The update provides feature enhancements and includes an automatic updater that notifies you when updates to the Shamir software are available and allows you install them with a single click.

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade your tablet, simply drag the Shamir widget on to the home screen and tap the “Update” button, as follows:-

  • Click the + icon in the top right-hand corner of your home screen to display the widgets installed on your tablet.
  • Locate the “Shamir” widget and drag it onto your home screen.
  • Return to your home screen and tap the “Update” button on the Shamir widget. The updater will begin to download and install updates.
  • Each time the updater displays a “Replace Application” dialog box, click “OK” to approve the update.
  • Each time the updater displays a “Package Installer” dialog box, click “Install” to allow the update to be installed. When the update has been installed another dialog box is displayed: tap the “Done” button to close it.

Once all of the updates have been completed, the Shamir widget is ready for use. Click the “START” button to use it.

The “Shamir Tablet” icon on your home screen can be deleted as it is no longer needed.

Upgrade for Acer Tablet

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