Shamir Technology

ReCreating Perfect Vision.

Shamir is one of the world leaders in the development and design of Freeform™ lenses.

Freeform lenses are made using digital CNC machinery to cut the design and the patient’s prescription on the back surface. Software optimises the combination of design and prescription, resulting in a lens that is markedly superior to a conventional design.

Eye-Point Technology

Eye-Point Technology incorporates a dedicated ray-tracing algorithm (see Wikipedia article) and wave front computation (see Wikipedia article), enabling the design of advanced and optimised Freeform lenses.

FreeFrame Technology

FreeFrame Technology adjusts the lens design to take into account the size and shape of the frame into which the lens will be fitted. Essentially the lens design is ‘re-sized” so that it fits precisely into the patient’s frame.

As-Worn Technology

As-Worn Technology uses measurements of the panoramic and pantascopic tilts of the frame and of the vertex distance to adjust the lens design and prescription so that the finished pair of spectacles, as worn by the patient, will perform exactly like the lenses in the optometrist’s test frame.

Direct Lens Technology

Direct Lens Technology is a package consisting of hardware and software that is sold to labs worldwide. Based on Freeform Technology, it represents the 21st century approach to lens processing—customised back-surface optics.

Shamir Technology

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